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Monterey, Otters and Jellyfish!

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This past weekend, G and I took a trip down the coast to Monterey. We spent the weekend wandering around town in the beautiful weather.

K & G in Monterey 2


We also went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was amazing. Sea otters and jellyfish have medicinal properties, I’m telling you.

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Jewelry Making Adventures

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I was finally able to sit up for an extended period of time. Okay, so it was ten minutes. But it was long enough for me to make 2 pairs of earrings.

Finished Lock and Key Earrings copy


Finished Wing Earrings copy


I’d factor this as a Beginner Level jewelry making project. So come by for a visit and see how they’re done!

Flu Plus a Sort of Blog Hop

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I’ve been in the clutches of the flu for the past 4 days. Since I can’t get out of bed, I decided it was time for a little

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at Life’s Little Mischiefs.

Come take a look at my round-up of all the blogs that have kept me sane while stuck in bed!

Baked Ricotta With Basil and Tomatoes

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A few days ago, I was enjoying a writing date with my friend L. She just launched Autobiography of a Failed Writer last month. (Don’t listen to her. She’s one of the best writers I know.) We eventually got peckish and decided that we should probably have something to eat to go with our wine. So we raided her fridge and came up with a bubbling ricotta solution.

Finished Baked Ricotta

You can read all about it over here at Life’s Little Mischiefs’ new home.

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And now for something completely different. I wrote a book. And decided to delve into the world of self-publishing.

Consequently, I am now a published author. I know. I’m shocked, too.

self-publishing and flustered

(That’s the expression that’s been on my face since I started formatting my novel for e-book publication. Serious business, self-publishing. Not for the faint of heart.)

My novel has nothing to do with this site, food or diy crafts. It is, in fact, a romance novel of all things. But if you’re someone who likes romance novels, I thought you might be interested.

You can read all about the book and my foray into self-publishing on my author site (here). You can even sample the first five chapters of the book. Or you can bypass that and take a look at my novel over at Amazon or Smashwords.

 TFK Cover Final

Plus, you can find me all sorts of places now under my pen name, Kaitlin Ashbury. It boggles my mind that I have an Amazon Author Page.



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