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Cowl neck scarf

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San Francisco is cold. I think we all know this. But it means that I have a million scarves and, because I live in an itty bitty studio, nowhere to keep them. So when I ran across this post on Craft Habit, I was super excited. Finally something that could keep my neck warm and didn’t have 3 feet of tails attached.

Small problem: I can barely knit, and I didn’t know what a whip stitch is.

Solution: Some fancy googling and Craft Habit’s amazingly simple instructions.

Full instructions are available on Craft Habit, but here are the basics:

Knit a rectangle 11″ x 22″ of bulky yarn. CH suggested size 10.5, but I had size 11, so I used those.
Once you finish the rectangle, match the short ends together and whip stitch them 2/3 of the way, leaving the final 1/3 unstitched.
Fold over the unstitched ends and sew on a button or whatever you like for a bit of flare.

Finished product: Voila! Finished in 3 hours. If you have more knitting experience, it will probably go faster for you.

It’s not as beautiful as the one on Meagan’s site. I’ll probably attempt a new version of it using less length and more width. But this version works like it should, and I can get rid of all those scarves I’ve been stock piling for years. Plus I love the yarn I wound up using. It’s a mix of neutrals, so it should go with anything.


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