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Bee Costume: The Beginning

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I love Halloween. My closet is full of old costumes. A flapper with a sequined/feather headpiece; a peacock with a hand sewn hair clip to hold the fanned feathers; an angel with feathered wings… I kind of have a thing for feathers, I admit.

image source: Wikipedia

This year, I’m planning to make a bumble bee costume. Something a little more flirty than fuzzy, and I’ll forgo the extra legs, thank you.

To make the creation process as simple as possible, I’ve broken the costume down
into 3 parts:

Shirt – black top with gold stripes

Tutu – black tulle with gold sparkles

Antennae – headband with black poms and gold pipe cleaners

First up, the tutu! Should be interesting since I’ve never even sewn a skirt. Wish me luck.


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