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Statement Necklace

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Statement Necklace

I’ve been looking for a gold collar necklace for months, but I haven’t been able to find one that I like. At least, not in my price range!

I found one by Michael Kors that was close to what I wanted, but it was $300. Ha! So not going to happen on this single-girl-in-the-city’s budget. But it is pretty:

Michael Kors Bib Necklace

Then I ran across this post on Making It Lovely, and decided that since I already had the tools to make a necklace I could just buy the beads and make my dream necklace.

Necklace On

It turned out to be a bit trickier than that. I had to buy jewelry chain and fasteners and figure out which tools did what. And working with wire isn’t the easiest thing. I can’t even guesstimate how many times I dropped it and beads flew everywhere.)

I started out following Making It Lovely’s instructions to a T and then realized that I really hadn’t purchased the same supplies (since I didn’t even know what mono-filament wire was at the time). So I got a little creative to make it work.

I wound up with Artistic Wire’s bare copper wire in a 24-gauge. I’d definitely go with a thinner, more flexible wire next time.

These beads are Czech Fire Polish Glass Beads. I used smaller beads than the original necklace – 8mm, 6mm & 4mm – which meant that I needed more than MIL’s original necklace. If I was buying them again, I might grab a few as large as 12mm.

But overall, I like how it turned out. I even made earrings to match!

Necklace + earrings copy 2

Here are a few of my favorite details:

Necklace Detail 1

the heart clasp

Necklace Detail 2the chain work

The chain work weaves through the necklace, and the pieces of chain are held together by bits of beading only 3 beads wide.

Necklace Detail

(As you can see, my crimping needs some work.)

Maybe I’m biased because I worked so hard on it, but I love it. I wore it the same night I finished it, and I’m planning to wear it to Fancy Night with M on Saturday!


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