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My Nemesis: Photography

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my photography skills are a bit lacking. Practice is improving me, but I have a long way to go. (Suggestions, as always, are welcome.)

A few days ago, my terrible photography was getting me down, and I was very sad. Inordinately sad, in retrospect. Here is the image that triggered my self-pity. It actually comes from today’s craft post.

Glue 2 wine corks together

it’s just so inexplicably yellow

I happened to be chatting with G online, and he tried to make me feel better. Instead, this conversation happened.

I’m not sure he was really paying attention.

G: You’ll learn.

Me: Maybe. Or maybe I have this gene that makes me terrible at photography. And it’s unconquerable.

G: No.

Me: And I’ll start a support group about how I can never be good at photography because of genes. And then I could start a YouTube series.

G: Your spirit is indomitable.

Me: And become a millionaire on the inspirational speaker circuit because it turns out, loandbehold, that there are thousands of us.

G: You will persevere!

Me: Because it’s a recessive gene.

G: What?

Me: That’s why they never found it before.

G: Oh.

Me: But we’ll band together and never take pictures again. Because of science.

G: Yay for science! You’ll achieve greatness in no time at all. On a related note, we need to start making our own limoncello.

Me: We’ll make it. And it shall be the best limoncello ever conceived. However, I fail to see how this is a related note.

G: Trust me on this one.

Yes. Really. We are this crazy.

Well, until my career as an inspirational speaker takes off, I’ll be getting my photography tips from other bloggers. Here’s a round up of few superb tutorials:

Shrimp Salad Circus

Pretty Handy Girl

Rock the Shot

A Lens and A Latte


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