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Twine Dispenser

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Twine Dispenser

I love the Dollar Store. I find the most random, awesome stuff there. For example, a giant ball of twine and a restaurant-style sugar dispenser. Where else are you going to find a sugar dispenser for a dollar? (Seriously, if you do know of somewhere, please tell me.)

The giant ball of twine was fantastic, but it was impossible to store in a place that I could access it regularly. I wish I had a picture of it, but I never thought to take one. It was a bit larger than a softball and almost perfectly round. Every time I tried to put it on a shelf, it would roll off in a matter of minutes.

Enter sugar dispenser, stage left, accompanied by 2 wine corks and my trusty hot glue gun.


sugar dispenser*


small piece of cardboard

2 wine corks

high heat hot glue gun


*If you can’t find a sugar dispenser, take a large jar with a metal lid and drill a hole in the metal.

Step 1) Glue your corks together, end to end, with a small dab of hot glue.

Glue 2 corks together

Note: I did not drink 2 bottles of wine to complete this project. I’ve been saving wine corks for quite some time for other projects I’ve seen on Pinterest and pilfered 2 plastic ones from the pile. I swear.

Step 2) After the glue is completely dry, tack a piece of paper onto the end of one cork. This will prevent your twine from sliding off the end while you wrap.

Tack paper on the end as a stopper

Step 3) Starting towards the middle of your corks, wrap your twine.

Start winding

Keep wrapping, moving the twine up and down the corks, trying to spread the twine evenly across the corks. Doing this keeps your twine from tangling when you pull it from the dispenser.

Keep winding

Step 4) Once you’re done wrapping, cut out a small circle of cardboard. It should be large enough to extend far past the width of your twine, but small enough to lay flat on the bottom of your dispenser. This will help the twine turn smoothly inside the jar.

Cardboard Bottom

Glue cardboard circle to the bottom of one cork. Remove the pin and paper from the other end.

Step 5) Put inside the jar with the cardboard flush with the bottom of the dispenser. Thread the twine through the hole in the lid of the dispenser.

Run twine through hole

Done! Enjoy your new easy to store twine dispenser!

This would work with any ribbons or rope or thread or twine of any kind, really. As long as you can find a dispenser with a large enough hole in the lid.

Finished Twine DispenserNo rolling at all. Brilliant.


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