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Running Playlist – March

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Running Playlist – March

The theme for March’s running playlist is inspired by Lent. This year, I chose to give up monetary wastefulness: instead of buying a grande at Starbucks, I bring a cup of coffee to work. Instead of buying that cute new dress, I’ll refresh something already in my closet. No going out to eat unless I really don’t have time to cook. Etc. Etc.

It’s my way of acknowledging that, while I feel poor a lot of the time thanks to how expensive San Francisco is, I do have much more than other people. I need recognize that and stop taking it for granted.

So the theme for March is Making Old New. Every song on this playlist is a cover, and I love them.

“Go Your Own Way” Lissie

“Running Up That Hill” Placebo

“People Are Strange” Echo & The Bunnymen

“Dancing With Myself” Nouvelle Vague

“Maneater” the bird and the bee

“Boys of Summer” The Ataris

“I Fought the Law” The Clash

“Ring Of Fire” Social Distortion

“There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” Dum Dum Girls

“Born to Run” Frankie Goes to Hollywood

“When Will I Be Loved” Linda Ronstadt

“I Will Survive” Cake

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” Elvis Costello

“Dear Prudence” Siouxsie and the Banshees

“Dancing Queen” The Sunday Drivers

Length: 56 minutes

Get the playlist on Spotify!


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