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Scalloped Icon Tutorial & Download

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Scalloped Icon Tutorial & Download

I recently re-designed the header for Life’s Little Mischiefs and created scalloped edge icons. I’m pretty enamored of them. I’ve gone scallop crazy.

I hand-drew the images inside my icons, but the scalloped circles were made in Photoshop. They’re time-consuming but simple to make.

If you have access to Photoshop or a similar program, you can make  your own! Or you can download a png of a scalloped icon in my blue color here.

Step 1) Decide how large you want your final icon and scallops – ie how many bumps you want on your circle. The smaller you make your scallops, the more you’ll have on the icon.

For this tutorial, I wanted to do an icon with a 3″ diameter and itty bitty scallops. So I decided to make the scallops ~ .125″ (ie they extend .125″ away from the icon edge). This meant I needed 1 circle with a 3″ diameter and dozens of small circles with a .25″ diameter (a .125″ radius).

Step 2) Create your base icon circle. On a new artboard, choose the Ellipse Tool from the Tools Panel.

1 - Use Ellipse tool

Then go to the menu at the top and click on the arrow next to the Custom Shape (the one that looks like a weird splat of something) button.

2 - Fixed Size Circle

Choose “Fixed Size” and enter the diameter of your circle in both boxes. Mine was 3″. Then just click on your artboard, and the circle will appear.

3 - Inner Circle - Green

Step 3) To make life easier, I’m going to create a 2nd circle of 3.125″ (icon’s diameter + scallop circle’s radius) that will lie underneath my icon circle. This will let me match the edges of my scallop circles to a template.

Create a new layer.

4 - Create a 2nd circle

Again choose “Fixed Size” and input the diameter of your new circle. Then click on your artboard to make the new circle appear. Make sure to change the color of your new circle. I made mine red.

4b Set color for new layer

Step 4) Create your tiny scallop circle, and choose a 3rd color that will stand out against the other 2. I recommend using the color you’d like your overall icon to be. Otherwise, at the end you’ll have to change the color of every single tiny circle you used. (For perspective, I wound up using 50.)

5 - create fixed size small circle

Make sure that your inner (green) circle layer is the TOP most layer and your outer (red) circle layer is your BOTTOM most layer. All scallop circle layers will be sandwiched between these 2 layers on the layer menu.

Step 5) Place the 1st scallop (blue) circle so that the edge touches the edge of the outer (red) circle.

6 - Place 1st circle

Duplicate this layer in the layer menu by right-clicking (on a Mac Ctrl + click) on the layer and selecting “duplicate layer.”

7 - Duplicate 1st circle

Step 6) Take that duplicate layer and place your 2nd scallop circle. I wanted mine even smaller than .125″, so I overlapped my circles slightly.

8 - Place 2nd small circle

Step 7) Keep duplicating the layers and placing the circles against the edge of the red circle. Keep the same amount of space between the circles.

9 - Aim to have the same triangle of space

Step 8) After a year and a half, once you’ve placed all of your circles but one, you might find that the final circle doesn’t quite fit.

10 - Doesn't Quite Fit

Just shift the other circles around a bit to make a little more room, starting with the circles closest to this final one and working your way out. See how in mine the scallops on the left had slightly more space between them than the ones on the right? Easy fix.

11 - All Fixed

Voila! All the small circles are in place! (Don’t get too close to the screen. You might have a seizure.)

12 - Small Circles in Place

Step 9) In the layers menu, click the eye icon next to the outer (red) circle’s layer to make it disappear. Then double click on the inner (green) circle’s layer to open the Layer Style dialogue box.

13 - Color Overly to match

Select Color Overlay and change the icon to the color of your scallop circles.

And you are done, my friend!

14 - Finished Scalloped Icon

If you decide you absolutely hate the color you chose, you can change it easily. The only problem is that you can’t affect the individual shapes again.

Highlight all the layers in your layers menu. Then right-click (on a Mac Ctrl + click), and select “Merge Layers.”

Merge Layers

Double-click on the resulting layer to open the Layer Style dialogue box, and click on Color Overlay.

Choose Color Overlay

Choose any color you want.

Enjoy your new scalloped circle. 🙂


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