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Being Nice to Kaitlin (aka Envelopes Full of Relaxation) + Printables

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Being Nice to Kaitlin (aka Envelopes Full of Relaxation) + Printables

People are constantly pointing out to me that I don’t have a lot of free time. I suppose they’re right, but I keep busy because I genuinely enjoy being busy. I don’t do well sitting on the couch for hours. It makes me antsy.

But it does bring up the most excellent point that “free” time usually translates to “me” time. So being busy every night means that I don’t take time to relax, and everyone needs to relax. That’s just a fact.

Since I’m the queen of planning (I once put “be spontaneous” on a to-do list – I wish I was kidding), I decided to build Relaxation Time into my schedule. And, in an effort to make sure I don’t fill that time with other things, I created a sure-fire Relaxation Scheme.

I created 12 envelopes with 12 Be Nice To Kaitlin tasks and scattered them throughout my calendar. If it’s on my calendar, I can’t skip it, right?

Finish in Calendar
Yes, I still use a paper calendar. What can I say, I don’t trust technology. Also, it’s difficult to tape an invitation or pair of tickets to my iPhone.

If you like these cards, I made you a few printables! Click on the links and then right-click (on a Mac Ctrl+click) on the image to save.

Movie Night    Face Mask    Bubble Bath     Pedicure


12 squares of pretty paper (mine were 6″ x 6″)

2 pieces of cardstock or other thick paper (standard letter size is fine)

paper cutter (or sharp scissors & a steady hand)



list of 12 of your favorite activities


To start, we’ll make our origami envelopes.

Step 1) Fold your square into a triangle by pairing 2 corners that are diagonal from each other.

Origami Envelope Step 1

Step 2) Take the top corner and fold it down to meet the bottom edge of the triangle.

Origami Envelope Step 2b

Origami Envelope Step 2a

Step 3) Take the right corner and fold it just a cm or so past where the top corner meets the bottom edge.

Origami Envelope Step 3

Step 4) Take the left corner and fold it over to meet the right edge.

Origami Envelope Step 4You now have a neat square with an extra flap at the top.

Step 5) Take the corner you just folded over and fold it again back to meet the left edge.

Origami Envelope Step 5Step 6) This part is confusing to explain. Take the piece you just folded and fold it up.

Origami Envelope Step 6

To make this easier, slide one finger inside the pocket of this piece and press another finger against the bottom corner of the diamond shape.

Origami Envelope Step 7Fold the diamond down and it becomes the pocket to hold the envelope’s flap.

Step 7) To close the envelope, fold the top flap down and insert the point into the diamond pocket.

Origami Envelope Step 8

Step 8) Now that your envelopes are done, measure the inside of your envelope so you can cut your cards to size. Mine measured 1.5″ x 2″.

Step 9) Cut your cardstock to the appropriate size.

Cut the Paper

Step 10) Decorate your cards with your list of favorite activities.

Cards for in the envelopes copy

Then tape the envelopes onto your calendar. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy the lovely surprise you prepared for yourself!


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  1. I also love planning and lists. Thanks for the printables!

  2. I hope you stick with it and follow your “me” moments! Everyone needs those.


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