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About Kaitlin & LLM

Kaitlin in Sunglasses  I’m a twenty-something living in San Francisco. I work at an indie record label in the East Bay called Bright Antenna Records (which is awesome and you should check out our bands). But when I’m not in the office (or at a show) I spend my time cooking, baking, writing, and hot gluing things, usually with a glass of wine in my hand. (If not wine, then definitely coffee.)

Life’s Little Mischiefs was born as a way for me to document and distribute my recipes & craft ideas. It was originally intended to let me connect with friends who do similar things on the internet (check them out in my blogroll), as well as also follow strangers who don’t know I haunt their blogs for cooking or crafting advice. (They probably know by now.)Photo on 2013-02-12 at 11.42 #2

But LLM became a way for me to connect with people on the internet who had amazing ideas and led lives that left me in awe. Plus, it gave me an excuse to write every day with a purpose. And so LLM grew into what it is today. Which is completely different than when it started.

For kicks, you can check out my very first post here. It’s mind boggling how differently I treated this blog back then. Those first few posts were written with a handful of specific people in mind, and it never occurred to me than anyone else would ever see it.

Oh, how wrong I was. It’s kind of flabbergasting the curveballs life throws at you when you least expect it, isn’t it?


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