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Kitchen Basics: Tools

Kitchen Basics Tools -

The below is what I consider the bare minimum for a working kitchen. While other tools will make your life much, much easier, if you have these items in your kitchen, you can make a meal.

large & medium saucepans

large skillet/sautee pan

butcher knife – cuts meat and vegetables easily

paring knife – handles fine knife work and peeling

roasting pan or pyrex dish (at least 9″x9″)

metal cookie sheet

wooden cutting board*

rolling pin**

strainer – can’t cook pasta without it and it’s essential to rinse rice before cooking

large mixing bowl

wooden spoon

measuring cups & spoons

spatula (I was on the fence about this one. Technically, you can use the wooden spoon for almost everything you’d use a spatula for, but it would be really tough to flip an egg with a wooden spoon.)

*I prefer wooden cutting boards because they’re made of natural material and knives don’t skip off of them. That said, the material is dealer’s choice. Just make sure the bottom grips the counter and your knife doesn’t slide around on the surface.

**My boyfriend will tell you that you can just use a mason jar or drinking glass. He’s wrong. Get a rolling pin.


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