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Jewelry Making Adventures

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I was finally able to sit up for an extended period of time. Okay, so it was ten minutes. But it was long enough for me to make 2 pairs of earrings.

Finished Lock and Key Earrings copy


Finished Wing Earrings copy


I’d factor this as a Beginner Level jewelry making project. So come by for a visit and see how they’re done!


Statement Necklace

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Statement Necklace

I’ve been looking for a gold collar necklace for months, but I haven’t been able to find one that I like. At least, not in my price range!

I found one by Michael Kors that was close to what I wanted, but it was $300. Ha! So not going to happen on this single-girl-in-the-city’s budget. But it is pretty:

Michael Kors Bib Necklace

Then I ran across this post on Making It Lovely, and decided that since I already had the tools to make a necklace I could just buy the beads and make my dream necklace.

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DIY Polka Dot Shoes

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DIY Polka Dot Shoes

I love my shoes to the extreme. I have two small walls in my apartment that display 20 pairs. Since my studio is only a little over 200 sq ft. (San Francisco housing is rough), you can imagine how much I love my shoes.

Recently I realized that I have a lot of black pumps. Most of them are really cool (chunky-heeled suede, peep toe, vintage with bows, fancy straps) but I had this one pair of closed toe pumps that I never wore. They were perfectly fine, just too plain for my taste. I decided to get rid of them.

But a couple of days later I was at Michael’s and saw a giant display of acrylic paint on sale. Light bulb. Plain shoes + acrylic paint = new awesome shoes!

I wasn’t sure what I was doing since I’ve never painted leather before, but I didn’t care if I somehow ruined the shoes. I’d been planning on getting rid of them anyway. So I took the chance.

Finished shoes on display

And I love them!

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Tulle, sequins and wine, oh my!

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I spent this past weekend working on the skirt for my bee costume. I’ve never sewn a skirt before, so I leapt into it with nothing but a vague idea of using elastic and small strips of tulle.

Tulle is very temperamental stuff. Throw in some glitter and static-loving sequins and you have a frustrated, sparkly Kaitlin on your hands. Thus, the wine.

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Bee Costume: The Beginning

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I love Halloween. My closet is full of old costumes. A flapper with a sequined/feather headpiece; a peacock with a hand sewn hair clip to hold the fanned feathers; an angel with feathered wings… I kind of have a thing for feathers, I admit.

image source: Wikipedia

This year, I’m planning to make a bumble bee costume. Something a little more flirty than fuzzy, and I’ll forgo the extra legs, thank you.

To make the creation process as simple as possible, I’ve broken the costume down
into 3 parts:

Shirt – black top with gold stripes

Tutu – black tulle with gold sparkles

Antennae – headband with black poms and gold pipe cleaners

First up, the tutu! Should be interesting since I’ve never even sewn a skirt. Wish me luck.

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